Study Trips

Every year, the Chair organizes a study visit to a country to meet the people and organizations pioneering the circular economy. This gives an opportunity for the students to learn from their journeys, complement their learnings in school and apply them to their Chair projects and future careers.

Netherlands, 2022

In February 2022, the Chair visited Amsterdam and Rotterdam - cities that are leading the circular economy in the world. From learning about circular metrics at the Circle Economy to trying out sustainably sourced, low-waste food at Circl to understanding the role of local governments from the City of Rotterdam, the students had an insightful visit! They also learnt how data and collaboration plays a crucial role in the circular economy from Excess Materials Exchange and BlueCity, while studying the business model of a circular grocery service provider - Pieter Pot.

Find below a complete report of the Chair trip 2022

GCE 2021-2022 Trip Report (1).pdf