Students Education

A pioneering educational offer on circular economy

A master class of 30 multi-disciplinary international students: 5 compulsory courses in English to validate the curriculum, including a course dedicated to the realization of initiatives for our partners: design and prototyping of circular products, transformation of existing linear processes, design of new uses, implementation of reverse logistics chains, design of the supply chains of tomorrow.

An annual learning expedition to the pioneering countries of the circular economy, to meet players in all areas of the circular economy. In 2022, we met with various organizations and hubs in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Over 2021-2022, the program will be deployed on all 3 of ESSEC's campuses (Singapore, Rabat, Cergy)

Chair teaching program:

For the academic year 2021-2022, students can validate the Chair attending courses in either T1+T2 OR in T2+T3. They will have to validate:

  • One mandatory Chair seminar:

DEVE31401 - Chair Seminar Circular Economy (T2): The Chair seminar consists of expert presentations and site visits and a one-week study trip to one of the pioneering countries of the circular economy: the Netherlands in year 1. Meeting with academic experts, institutions, and companies in order to then be able to define roadmaps of the circular economy in organizations, which are inspired by these contributions and concrete examples.

  • Three mandatory courses:

      • DEVE31410 - Évaluation d’impact social et environmental (T2)


      • DEVE31411 - Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (T2)


      • DEVC31211 - Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development (T1)


      • ECOA31205 - Environmental Economics (T3)


      • DEVE31273 - From Linear To Circular: get the core methodology of circular economy (T1 or T3)

  • One elective course to be taken among:

  • CPTO31403 - Sustainability Performance

  • DEVC31206 - Gérer une entreprise sociale

  • DEVC31207 - Managing a Social Enterprise

  • DEVC31302 - Introduction à l’impact investing

  • DEVC31304 - Enjeux de la transition énergétique

  • DEVD31244 - Droit, lobbying et stratégie d'influence

  • DEVN31300 - Dialogue entre parties prenantes et co-développement dans les pays émergents

  • DEVN31301 - Companies and Sustainable Development: Ethics, Business and Corporate Responsibilities

  • ECOA31205 - Environmental Economics (considered as an elective only for students validating the chair in T1+T2 AND have completed DEVC31211)

  • FINM31217 - ESG Investing and Green Finance

  • IDSI31345 - Digital Humanism

  • MGTE31409 - Cleantech Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • MGTP31204 - Ethique et décision

  • MGTP31205 - Ethics and Decision-making

  • MGTS31409 - Auto and Mobility Industry Strategy

  • One application seminar:

  • DEVE31403 - Circular Economy Bootcamp circularize your organization (T2): a seminar where student groups will work on application cases, whose problems will be given by the partner sponsors.

Students will learn:

  • To implement and deploy a circular economy project with a focus on a specific sector and an element of the company’s specific value chain

  • How to develop an economic, social, and environmental model

  • How to present the results of their work to company representatives

Chair validation conditions:

  • 1 mandatory Chair seminar

  • 3 mandatory courses

  • 1 mandatory application seminar

  • 1 elective course.