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A pioneering educational offer on the circular economy


A master class of 30 multi-disciplinary international students: 6 compulsory courses in English to validate the curriculum, including a course dedicated to the realization of initiatives for our partners: design and prototyping of circular products, transformation of existing linear processes, design of new uses, implementation of reverse logistics chains, design of the supply chains of tomorrow.


An annual learning expedition to the pioneering countries of the circular economy, to meet players in all areas of the circular economy. In 2022, we met with various organizations and hubs in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


The program will be progressively deployed on all 3 of ESSEC's campuses (Singapore, Rabat, Cergy)

Chair teaching program

DEVE31401 - Chair Seminar Circular Economy (T2): The Chair seminar consists of expert presentations and site visits and a one-week study trip to one of the pioneering countries of the circular economy. Meeting with academic experts, institutions, and companies in order to then be able to define roadmaps of the circular economy in organizations, which are inspired by these contributions and concrete examples. 




Students will learn:

Chair validation conditions